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HeyCar is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of fully automatic car washing machine equipment. 

Our company is an equipment manufacturer with over20-year experience in the field of automotive aftermarket. We have complete production line, marketing team andaftersales service team.

  1. Competitive products with stable quality.
  2. Professional logistics services save costs for customers.
  3. Excellent after-sales service and warranty.
  4. The product line is complete and updated at any time.
  5. Have an independent production workshop.
  6. Obtained a number of patented technologies.
  7. Car washing machine products are exported to variouscountries all over the world.

The HeyCar Advantage

Established Reputation

With almost four decades of experience, the HeyCar brand is known as an elite manufacturer of car wash equipment. You gain the peace-of-mind that you’re working with proven professionals.

Solid Construction

Our equipment features stainless-steel construction for years of trouble-free, wet-environment operation. No cheap plastic construction – or foam pool-noodle bumpers – here.

Tailored Solutions

All types of our partners, from convenience stores to dealerships, enjoy our customized car wash systems. We work hand-in-hand with you to design the right solution for your location.

Operational Efficiency

Our systems are 100% automatic, cost-effective, compact, efficient, and easy-to-maintain, making daily operations a breeze. Because our car washes are open 24/7, you can make money while you sleep.

Revenue-Driving Partnership

You get a true end-to-end solution for car wash entrepreneurship. From site selection to money-making marketing materials, we offer full, unflagging support to our partners.

Superb Service

From the day you place an order, through the construction, to your first car wash… we’re by your side every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people misunderstand using a machine to wash a car, thinking that the cleaning brush of the car washer is too hard and will damage the paint. In fact, the early car washing machines were equipped with soft plastic brushes, which may have an impact on some cars with relatively soft paint; the improved car washing machines were replaced with soft cotton brushes, which would not cause harm to the car paint car washing machine manufacturers. Hikar car washing machine currently uses the latest EVA foam brush in terms of brush material, which is soft and tough, and does not hurt the paint.

It is a fact that increasing lifestyle and standard of people definitely leads to increase in number of cars on road. So, for maintenance car washes are always needed. In fact, in many researches it found that approx. lakhs and lakhs of cars are washed on regular basis. So, there is no scope of downfall in demand. So, to stand strong in competitive market, you need to always focus on usage of quality car wash machine and especially high pressure washer as it mostly demanded by the customers.

Automatic car washing machines are divided into non-contact car washing machines, reciprocating car washing machines, and tunnel-type car washing machines. The automatic car washing machine can realize automatic car washing without manual labor during the car washing process. It is completed by high-pressure water, brushes, and computer programs. In In the process of washing the car. Automatically complete foam washing, water wax washing. And air-drying! Whether it can be washed clean depends on the brand of automatic car washing machine you buy.

The waste water treatment and recycling system of the automatic car washer is generally purchased together with the automatic car washer and is an optional device. However, for long-term cost considerations, it is generally purchased at the same time. As an advanced water-saving and environmentally friendly equipment, the recycling system adopts secondary precipitation, degreasing, sand removal, filtration and other processes according to the characteristics of car wash wastewater to obtain water resources. Recycling can save water over 85% for car wash manufacturers.

Advantages of computerized car washing machine:

1. The entire process of operation is controlled by the computer according to the design program, which can completely avoid personal and equipment accidents caused by manual operation

2. Manual car washing is generally 10 minutes/set, and computerized car washing machine is 2 minutes/set. It can wash 20-50 cars in one hour, and the daily car wash volume can reach 120-500. It greatly improves the efficiency of car washing.

3. Using super soft washing tools, the car washing effect is in strict accordance with the design standards, which can eliminate human factors and ensure the quality of car washing.

4. The car washing machine consumes 70-150 liters of water to wash a car, which is more water-saving than manual car washing. If the car wash shop washes 100 cars a day, it saves 1-2 tons of water per day and 300-700 tons of water per year. The use of recycling wastewater treatment technology not only meets environmental protection requirements, but also saves a lot of water resources.

5. Imported super soft rubber cotton brush is used, which will not damage the paint surface during the washing process, while the towels and gloves used in manual car washing will cause scratches due to the entrained sand during the repeated scrubbing process.

6. Only one operator is required, which saves labor than manual car washing.

Disadvantages of computerized car washing machine:

1. There are dead spots that cannot be cleaned: such as wheel hubs, door handles, or front-view mirrors
2. Occasionally, the computer car washing machine malfunctions. As a result, the store cannot open normally
3. The computerized car washing machine cannot clean the interior of the car

Cars have entered thousands of households, but the car wash industry in the automotive aftermarket has not formed a corresponding scale. There is currently a huge vacancy in the market. Car washes are difficult, car washes are expensive, and car washes have to wait in line. Many problems make car owners feel about the current car wash industry. Dissatisfied, the market urgently needs something that can solve this problem. So. After continuous research and development by scientific personnel, a car washing equipment called a fully automatic car washing machine was developed and developed. Based on the needs of different customers, subsequent research and development have been carried out. A reciprocating car washer, a tunnel car washer, and a non-contact car washer.


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    HeyCar is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of fully automatic car washing machine equipment. The main products of the car washing machine are automatic gantry car washing machine, reciprocating car washing machine, non-contact car washing machine.
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