Does the automatic car washing machine need maintenance after washing the car?
Does the automatic car washing machine need maintenance after washing the car?

Does the automatic car washing machine need maintenance after washing the car?


Does the computer automatic car washing machine need to be maintained after washing the car?

   Nowadays, not only car wash shops, but also beauty shops also have computerized automatic car wash machines, and even gas stations have a share of the pie. After refueling, they can wash the car for free. But car washing is car washing after all, there are no other car maintenance items. So after washing the car with the car washer, we still have to carry out some usual or regular maintenance to ensure that your beautiful car looks like a new car.

   1. Check the oil: Check the oil is essential. Usually you only need to use a dipstick to judge the remaining oil volume, if it is missing, you only need to add it. If the oil on the dipstick is smeared on white paper and the color has turned tan, then the oil should be changed immediately. If the color is yellow, the fluidity is good, only need to make up the oil, do not need to change.

  2. Air-conditioning filter element and air duct: The temperature inside the car is annoying when exposed to the sun in summer. Air conditioning is indispensable. However, if the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, it will smell if it is turned on in summer. At this time, it is necessary to check the air-conditioning duct. Because the air conditioner is not used for a long time, the bacteria and mold remaining in the air duct and filter element will start to “resurrect” under the influence of temperature, which will eventually cause the air conditioner to produce peculiar smell. Therefore, it is recommended that air conditioning and refrigeration systems be implemented before summer.

  3. Water tank radiator: Early summer is the season of flying catkins and poplar catkins. There are usually a lot of fly flakes attached to the radiator of the water tank. When the radiator is turned on, you will see a lot of white velvet on it. If it accumulates to a certain thickness, the engine will malfunction due to overheating, such as burning a pot. Therefore, we must clean the surface of the radiator regularly and timely to remove the dirt attached to the surface.

  4. Tire inspection: The key to tire inspection is the damage of tire pressure and tire pattern. Only timely inspection can make preparations to extend the life of the tires and reduce the occurrence of safety incidents of tire blowouts.

   5. Engine compartment: Cars often catch fire in summer, and there are dirt, dead leaves and other dirt on the engine compartment. If it is not removed in time, sometimes the engine compartment will leak oil, and it is very easy to ignite the dead leaves in the hot summer, causing the car to catch fire. Therefore, clean the engine compartment regularly.

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