Misunderstandings about car washing machines
Misunderstandings about car washing machines

Misunderstandings about car washing machines


Misunderstanding 1: The car wash brush is too hard, it will damage the car paint

Many people misunderstand the use of a fully automatic car washing machine and think that the brush head of the car washing machine is too hard to damage the car paint. In fact, early car washing machines were equipped with soft plastic brushes, which may affect some soft-painted cars. The improved car washing machine has been replaced by a soft cotton brush, which will not damage the paint.

Misunderstanding 2: Car wash foam is a cleaning agent

The automatic car washing machine uses neutral car washing shampoo and glazing wax in the car washing process. The foaming machine in the body is used to foam and spray the body to clean the surface of the car wash. This will not corrode the car paint, and the surface of the car paint after cleaning will become brighter and leave a paint film.

It is understood that the wholesale price of professional car wash liquid is about 1,500 yuan per 20 liters. In foreign countries, environmental protection departments have strict discharge requirements for washing liquid. Even the waste liquid will not pollute the water quality of rivers and lakes. It is necessary to ensure that the PH value is neutral and acidic to meet the needs of paint, and the seals, pipes and other parts in the car washing machine will not corrode. Under these professional requirements, the price of car wash liquid is very high, but its performance is far from comparable to the industrial detergents on the wholesale market.

After two years of use, some tires will show signs of aging. Lateral elongated cracks appeared on the sidewall of 33.354. If the car owner does not maintain properly, or the long-term air pressure is too low, and often use the road shoulder, then the strong alkaline cleaning fluid is likely to cause premature tire aging.

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