Automatic Car Mat Wash Machine
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Automatic Car Mat Wash Machine

Main Features for Automatic Car Mat Wash Machine:

  1. Adopt dry-type bubble spray cleaning technology, maximum efficient dust removal, and low moisture content, immediate use after clean.
  2. Instant service with 20 seconds only to clean one carpet.
  3. High-quality water absorb rod using imported Japanese material, effectively clean the leftover dirt and bubble.
  4. With water absorb rod showering function, to keep the water absorb rod clean.
  5. With automatic self-protection stop and alarm function when the foam finished.
  6. Inner electricity leakage protection device for safety.


Specifications for car mat cleaner

Name:Car Mat Wash MachineMaximum cleaning width:≤60cm
Power:220V, 60HzNet weight:82Kg
Rated voltage:220V/50HzSize:94*50*110mm
Ambient TEMP:2-40℃

Automatic Car Mat Wash Machine

Automatic Car Mat Wash Machine

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