High Pressure Steam Car Washer/Steam Washer
High Pressure Steam Car Washer/Steam Washer
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Steam Car Washer

What is steam exactly?

Steam is water that has been changed into gas. Steam cannot be seen for it is colorless. The cloud of vapor that we see beginning about 2 centimeters from the spout of a teakettle is not steam. The real steam is in the space that seems vacant just outside the spout. The cloud we see is the water that the cooler air has changed from a gas form back into tiny water particles.

Steam is formed by boiling or by evaporation. At sea, level water boils when it is heated to 100° C. Water also evaporates at lower temperatures. The steam caused by boiling is as hot as the boiling water. The steam caused by evaporation is not hot. Usually, the word steam refers to hot steam. When water reaches the boiling point, bubbles of steam begin to rise through it and escape into the air. The temperature will remain at the boiling point until all the liquid has become gas. It requires 100 calories of heat to raise one gram of water from the freezing point (0°C) to the boiling point.

Steam fills more space than the water from which it comes, at the moment when boiling stops, the gas is 1,67 times as great in volume as the former liquid. At this stage it is called saturated steam, if heated more, it takes up even more space. Then it is known as superheated steam. The steam engine is built on this principle.

Advantage of steam car washer:

  • Cleaning both the car exterior and interior!
    Go clean has wet and dry steam: wet steam for car outside cleaning. dry steam for car inside cleaning, which doesn’t cause any damage to the car water-sensitive parts. You can clean the engine compartment, leather chair, air conditioner, gearbox… the owner of car washing shop can charge different fees for different car parts.
  • Deep-cleaning! Have sterilization and antibacterial function!
    Kill the bacterium and virus efficiently. Contact us to get our testing video.
  • No shampoo, just need 2-2.5L water for one car washing.
    Invest a little more for product, Save a lot for using cost!
  • 8-16bar high-pressure steam, better cleaning effect!
  • 10 safety system: every part has double-checked devices to ensure operator’s security and 0 accident.
  • Smart control system: makes the operation and maintenance easier!

Product Paramenters:

Product nameSteam Car Washer
voltage rating220v/380v
work pressure8kg
characteristics ofDry wet amphibious strong pressure
packagingWooden frame
ColorOrange + white
oemCan accept
UsageUsed for car interior/engine, and clean appearance

High Pressure Steam Car Washer/Steam Washer

Steam Car Washer

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