Professional Car Washing Soap Jet Foamer Gun Snow Foam Lance
Professional Car Washing Soap Jet Foamer Gun Snow Foam Lance
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This foam lance is proven to be one of the most popular and essential wash tools on the market today with lots of people using them and keeping their car looks so great and also holding the value of the cars by keeping paintwork in swirl-free condition.

Using high-pressure water to draw detergent into gun and produce density foam, spray foam on the vehicle then the dirt will be removed, finally use high-pressure water to clean. It’s very quick and convenient.

The Snow Foam Canon works with a pressure washer. The velocity of the water combined with a quality car shampoo will generate amazing suds. This wash process actually uses less water at a higher pressure, so it’s eco-friendly, too.

This Foam Canon can be attached to any pressure washer gun, you just need a right connector.

Snow Foam Lance Application:

  • The foam sprayer is suitable to clean various types of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles,  engineering machinery and agricultural machinery products. It is the most ideal tool for cleaning family cars and small vehicle.
  • The foam sprayer is also worktable for the exterior wall of building, ground, bath pool, and swimming pool cleaning, especially for windows, toilets, and other corners which are difficult to clean by manual work.
  • Other applications: food processing space, food processing machinery,  hotel,  hotel kitchen cleaning, and disinfection.

Snow Foam Lance Paramenters

Product Name Snow foam lance
Capacity 1000ML
Spray Gun 4000PSI,10.5GPM
Nozzle Adjustable nozzle

Professional Car Washing Soap Jet Foamer Gun Snow Foam Lance

Manual Wash Products

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