The non-contact car washing machine series has a super car washing function
The non-contact car washing machine series has a super car washing function

The non-contact car washing machine series has a super car washing function


The non-contact car washing machine uses high-pressure water to clean the entire body, so the car washing time can be greatly shortened, and the effect of simple manual cleaning and brushless cleaning can be taken into account. Eliminating customers’ concerns about car paint damage, the attached products can provide chassis cleaning, artificial intelligence, and automatic body size detection functions.

Touchless Automatic Car Washing Machine

The non-contact car washing machine has the following functions.

1. No contact and no wiping: Except for the active material and high-pressure water in contact with the car body, no other tangible substances are in contact with the car body. The vehicle can be quickly cleaned in just 100 seconds by manual operation, and the vehicle can be cleaned without scratches or scratches.

2. Ultra-high pressure: This equipment relies on a high-pressure water pump with a pressure of more than 120 kg, combined with an intelligent adjustment system to control the distance between the spray bar and the body, so as to always maintain a flushing distance of 20 cm.

3. Long service life of car washing equipment: 90% or more of the body is made of stainless steel, which improves the stability and corrosion resistance of the whole machine, and greatly improves the service life of the car washing machine.

4. Fixed distance: No limit rod is needed, and the owner can park freely. Our non-contact car washing machine can automatically adjust the spray liquid and car washing distance according to the body and model.

The non-contact car washing machine can automatically wash the chassis, no scrubbing, and automatic 360-degree car washing, without dead ends or blind spots. Objects: various vehicles, SUVs, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, minivans.

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Peter Postorino


Hussain Abdullah Maki Maki

What kind of other functions does the machine has..???
For Example:
– water washing,
– soup washing,
– air drying,
– polishing..

Arturo Pimentel

Información de los precios y diferentes opciones


need price and info in spanish lenguage, thanks

Ben johnson

How much for everything shipped to Cameroon


I woul like to know about specification and price

Frederico Panetta

I want a quote for canada market


What is the price for non contact car wash with shipping and customs to dubai or sharjah


Would u do the machine isntallment and take cAre of logistics until the product reaches the car washing venue?


Hi, what is the price of none contact car wash and ship to sweden?

Al Mo

The price of the non contact washing machine, shipping to east Africa plus installation and warranty of the electronic/ mechanical parts.
Very interested.


How many cars in an hour?


What is the price for non contact washing

Carlos Berrios

Interesting about this product and the shipping cost to Puerto Rico

Leonardo Quiros

Very interested in this kind of equipment, to open new car wash concept in costa rica. Could you share more information with me?

Ramiro Torres

Quiero uno soy de Guadalajara Jalisco México


Car wash


I’m interested to purchase


Me entereza quisiera saber el precio..


Am interested

Ifran Gunarto

What is the price for touchless automatic car washing machine?


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