What are the advantages of automatic car washing machines?
What are the advantages of automatic car washing machines?

What are the advantages of automatic car washing machines?

An automatic car washer is a machine that uses computer-controlled brushes and high-pressure water to wash cars. It is mainly composed of control system, circuit, gas circuit, water circuit and mechanical structure. The car washing machine has the characteristics of simple operation, beautiful appearance, and little damage to the car paint. In recent years, it has been widely used in the automotive service industry.
automatic car washing machine
automatic car washing machine
Car washing machine is a new type of car washing method that originated in developed countries in Europe and the United States in recent years and is popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan and then introduced to the country. The automatic car washing machine uses high-density foam to quickly clean the surface of the car body, which is convenient and fast and does not damage the car paint. It has quickly gained popularity in the domestic car washing industry. Based on safety technology, the vehicle to be cleaned is automatically detected through advanced photoelectric equipment, thereby automatically adjusting the distance between the spray boom and the vehicle body. The automatic car washing machine realizes the precise cleaning of the cleaned vehicle, including the chassis and tires of the car.


Safe and reliable

The automatic car washing machine is controlled by the computer according to the design program to control the whole process, which can completely avoid mistakes caused by the personal operation.

Fast and efficient

Manual car wash is generally 10 minutes/unit, and computer car wash is 2 minutes/unit. 20-50 cars can be washed in one hour, and the daily car washing volume can reach 120-500 cars. This is a figure that cannot be achieved by small and medium-sized car wash shops, which greatly improves the efficiency of car washing.
The automatic car wash is program-controlled and uses super soft car wash tools. The effect of car washing is strictly in accordance with the design standards, eliminating human factors and ensuring the quality of car washing.

Environmental protection and water-saving

The water consumption of automatic car washing machines is 70-150 liters, which is more water-saving than manual car washing. If a car wash washes 100 cars a day, it saves 1-2 tons of water per day and 300-700 tons of water per year. A large and medium-sized city based on 2,000 car washes can save more than 1 million tons of water every year. The automatic car washing machine adopts the recycling wastewater treatment technology, which not only meets the environmental protection requirements but also saves a lot of water resources.

Does not damage the paint surface

The automatic car washing machine adopts an imported super-soft rubber cotton brush, and the car washing process will not damage the paint surface. Towels and gloves used in manual car washes can become entrapped during repeated scrubbing. Sediment can cause artificial scratches on the paint surface.


The automatic car washing machine only needs one operator, which is less labor-intensive than manual car washing. If you choose an automatic car washing machine, you must go to the actual users of various manufacturers to conduct on-the-spot inspections to understand the actual use, usage, effects, and after-sales reputation of the equipment and products. Don’t listen to the adverbs of the manufacturer. Only greedy for cheap equipment is a big taboo when buying equipment. A poor-quality car washer can cost you 30% of your customer resources.

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