What are the factors that affect the price of automatic car washing machines?
What are the factors that affect the price of automatic car washing machines?

What are the factors that affect the price of automatic car washing machines?


The automatic car washing machine is fully automatic intelligent car washing equipment controlled by a computer. Generally, there are two types of tunnel continuous and gantry reciprocating car washing machines. It has the advantages of high-efficiency and fast car washing, no damage to car paint, clean washing, and a large daily car washing volume. It is far from traditional manual car washing.

5 Brushes Tunnel Automatic Car Wash Machine

In addition, its low-return and high-end one-stop service are also one of the reasons why major shopkeepers choose it. So, how much does the price of an unattended car washing machine cost? What are the factors that affect its price?

Friends who want to invest or have purchase intentions can choose to learn from professional smart car washing machine manufacturers. Generally, unmanned car washing machines have different specifications and grades ranging from 10,000 US dollars to 15,000 US dollars per unit, the price of mature technology and advanced points is 18,000 US dollars to 23,000 yuan per unit, and the high specification also has more than 31,000 US dollars per unit. Different brands of car washers on the market will have different prices. This is related to the following factors:

The manufacturing process of unattended car washing machine.

We all know that no matter what industry it is, there are core technologies, and the prices of similar products produced by manufacturers are naturally different, and therefore the prices are also different;

The material of the car washing machine.

The raw materials used in each car washing machine are different. For example, the core components of the Chengdu Jinshuiaxe car washing machine are imported from well-known brands, Siemens PLC automatic computer control system and hot-dip galvanized steel frame structure, so the price is naturally higher than ordinary car washing Higher machine

The brand of unattended car washing machine.

The so-called brand influence in disguise represents advertising, represents popularity, and to a certain extent represents product quality. Then the price of the more famous car washing machine on the market is relatively higher, which is also a normal phenomenon in all walks of life.

The influence of regional factors.

In addition to the above-mentioned basic factors, the price of unmanned car washing machines is also linked to the region. For example, in cities such as Changsha, Hunan, Shanghai, and Tianjin, the price of car washing machines is definitely affected by the local market conditions, which is also one of the reasons we consider.

For friends who want to buy or cooperate with a fully automatic intelligent car washing machine, choosing products of influential brands is a good choice. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Good things are expensive, not to mention the smart car washing machine industry. After all, we are a machine that we want to use for a long time, and it is natural to buy a better quality machine. If you buy a low-quality one, it will be damaged before it has been used for a long time.

Generally speaking, the main factors affecting the price of unmanned car washing machines are the above points. Of course, there are also related services and after-sales services of the manufacturer. If you want to buy an unmanned car washer, the better way is to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection, so that you can have a clear understanding and understanding.

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