What is the internal working principle of the steam car washer?
What is the internal working principle of the steam car washer?

What is the internal working principle of the steam car washer?

The working method of the steam car washing machine is to use high-temperature and high-pressure steam as the medium to clean the car. Therefore, high-temperature and high-pressure steam is a necessary factor. It must have a high-pressure pump and a steam generator inside to provide the generation of these factors. The generation of high pressure is the effect of the rapid operation of the high-pressure pump, and a steady stream of pressure can be generated by providing power to the high-pressure pump through the power supply. In addition to water, the production of steam requires fuel. Common steam car washers use natural gas and also use electricity. Both of these have relatively low cost and no pollution to the environment.

From this we can understand that the internal working principle of the steam car washer is: when the user turns on, the internal equipment enters the standby state of power. When the user turns on the spray gun, the steam generator starts to work and burns natural gas to generate heat to heat the internal water to generate steam. The generated steam is transported into the high-pressure pump through the pipe, and the high-temperature steam mixed with air is compressed and sprayed out. The steam is led out from the inner pipe and sprayed out from the spray gun in the hands of the operator, and hits the surface of the car for cleaning. When the steam car washing machine starts to work, the cold water is instantly expanded and gasified by the heating of the internal stove, thereby generating high temperature and high pressure water vapor. The steam car washing uses the thermal decomposition principle of high temperature and high pressure steam, and the dust is softened and high pressure washing is performed to clean up The purpose of dust. The stove is the core component of the steam car washer. It is used to heat cold water. With a stove, a water source is needed, so a water pump is also needed. The water pump continuously feeds the water into the stove to generate steam. In order to ensure that the steam has sufficient pressure, the water in the stove needs a certain expansion force, which requires a certain proportion of water to expand instantaneously, which also determines the capacity of the stove. If you want to increase the pressure, you need to do it on the stove. Improve. The function of the water pump is relatively simple, the pure water output source, the water pump has a greater role in the cold water mode, after all, the latter works with pure water. The energy for combustion is liquefied petroleum gas. The liquefied petroleum gas is connected to the igniter. Of course, the igniter and the stove are in the same system. They are connected together. In fact, the stove is not a single object. It is a combination of several parts. The main components are: igniter, fire row, coil and insulation wool. The igniter, as the name suggests, is for ignition. The fire row is used to heat the coil. The coil is the place where cold water is vaporized into steam. Insulation cotton is a function of heat preservation and heat insulation, and it is designed to avoid heat loss. Yes, this way the thermal efficiency will be higher and it can save energy. This design also has the advantage of safety. Since the high heat is separated, it will protect the internal components and personal safety.

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