Will automatic car washes hurt the paint?
Will automatic car washes hurt the paint?

Will automatic car washes hurt the paint?


Now many car wash shops in cities have computerized automatic car washes. Car washes are fast and cheap. However, car owners discourage the use of automatic computerized car washing machines, because there are rumors that washing the car with automatic car washing machines will damage the paint. is this real?

Why is automatic car wash cheap?

   1. Convenient and efficient, saving time and effort. Usually in small and medium-sized cities, manual washing at car wash shops takes as little as 10 minutes to as much as 20 minutes. A fully automatic car washing machine takes 5 to 10 minutes to wash a car. For auto beauty shops with a large daily passenger flow, it can greatly improve the efficiency of car washing and save a lot of labor costs.

   2. Save water resources. Today, society advocates environmental protection and water conservation. The water consumption of the automatic car washing machine is about 10-12 liters, which is 10-20 liters less than manual car washing. Automatic car washing machines usually have recycling wastewater treatment technology, which not only meets environmental protection requirements, but also saves water resources.

So what are the main types of automatic car washing machines

  Automatic car washing machines are divided into non-contact automatic car washing machines and contact brush automatic car washing machines.

   Non-contact car washing machine: refers to the whole process of car washing, spraying with a water pressure gun instead of directly touching the body. This kind of car washing method relies on various car wash liquids to complete the car wash during the car wash process. The disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal, because it does not directly act on the car body.

  Brush-type car washing machine refers to a method in which brushes and cleaning agents directly touch the car body to realize automatic car washing. High-density polyethylene materials are mainly used for painting materials. This material is soft enough and will not stick to sand, so it will not harm the body.

Does the automatic car wash really hurt the paint?

   Regarding the problem that the automatic car washing machine does not damage the paint, in fact, the doubt is mainly about washing the car washing machine, because the car owner always feels a little pain when seeing the brush swinging back and forth on the car (little wife). In fact, the brush of this car washing machine is made of high-density polyethylene. The surface is very smooth and does not stick to sand and dust, so it will not have much influence on the car paint. In other words, it won’t hurt the paint.

   However, if there is sand on your car instead of dust and stains, you should be careful. In this case, it is recommended to simply wash with water and then wash with a car washer (many automatic car washers now have a pre-wash function). Also, if you use inferior brushes (bad brushes, expired brushes, etc.), the paint may be damaged. Before washing the car, you can observe or ask what kind of brushing machine you are using. Of course, if you find that the brush of the car washer has not been changed due to replacement, then it must be correct.

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